Here’s The Simple Way To Turn Your Company
Into A Booming Business In Any Market…

Here’s The Simple Way To Turn Your Company Into A Booming Business In Any Market…

Here’s How To Knock-Out One
Revenue-Generating Facebook Post,
Email, or Sales Letter After Another
…Without Writing!

Here’s How To Knock-Out One Revenue-Generating Facebook Post, Email, or Sales Letter After Another
…Without Writing!

If you want to grow your business fast, then fill in a
few blanks and out pops winning sales copy!

Dear friend,

How much money is one viral Facebook post worth to your business?

Or an email that generates dozens of leads every week, without fail?

Or how about a sales letter that literally sells your products or services while you sleep?

Imagine all you have to do to reach your business and money goals is fill in a few blanks…

Then out flies the exact words you need to generate more leads, land more customers or clients, and make more sales.
It’s like having a revenue tap. Anytime you need more revenue, you simply turn on the tap and watch the magic.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not… when you have a secret weapon.

My secret weapon spits out sales copy. Sales copy is the words that cause people to take action.

Great sales copy is the difference between social posts that nobody reads, and ones that get shared hundreds of times.

Great sales copy is the difference between emails that get unopened and ones that flood your business with new leads.

Great sales copy is the difference between sales letters that fail to sell and blockbusters that bring in 7 or 8 figures in revenue.

But Creating Great Sales Copy Is Hard Work!

You could limp along for years trying to figure out the difference between bland ho-hum sales copy and the stuff that sings.

But as you’ll see in a moment, there are hidden formulas for writing the words that get people to pull out their wallets.

So, instead of wasting all of that time and energy trying to discover the secrets behind great sales copy, why not plug-in to my winning copy formulas instead?

When you do, you access the magic behind hundreds of winning headlines, emails, sales letters, upsell pages, orders and more.

You see, I’ve taken hundreds of these formulas and embedded them inside…
Whenever you need any kind of sales copy, there’s no need to sit and stare for hours at a blank page.

There’s no need to spend hours of your life creating an email. Or 3 weeks of your life crafting the perfect sales letter. Only to have them flop.

Instant Scripts has your back.

Who is it for?

It works for online businesses. People who sell courses, coaching, or consulting.

It works for ecommerce businesses too.
Instant Scripts even works for offline brick and mortar businesses.

It works for salespeople who want to generate red-hot leads, fast.

It works for professional practice owners who want to generate new customers, clients, or patients.

It works in a business-to-business environment too.

Simply put, Instant Scripts works for anyone who wants to generate more leads, customers, clients, and sales… FAST.

All you do is jump online, login, and select the type of project you’re working on. 

Fill in a few blanks, and presto! Out pops exactly what you need.

Then, just copy and paste, and bam! Watch the leads and sales come rolling in.

Whatever Your Product or Service is...

Sell MORE With These Proven Copy Formulas

Get ready to be amazed! The formulas that these scripts are based on come from thousands of unique versions of winning sales copy.

Which means Instant Scripts doesn’t produce the same old boring run-of-the-mill stuff you see everywhere today.

Your copy will be unique and exciting, so it will NEVER put your readers to sleep.

That, my friend, will make you a pile more money in less time than what you’re likely doing now.
And, now, you can do it even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.
Instant Scripts is the software I only wish I had when I started my business long ago.

With It, My Success Would Have Come
Much Sooner, And Much Easier

My name is Dan Lok.

Some people call me an influencer. I don’t like to boast, but I guess that’s true.

My YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram posts have been viewed more than 1.7 billion times.

What makes my stuff so prolific?

It’s not the fancy images, special effects, and video editing that drive action. It’s the words.

Thanks to my writing ability, I live a life others only dream of. 
I live in a $15-million luxury condo. I travel where I want, when I want. And I never worry about the price tag.

If I stopped working today, it wouldn’t affect my lifestyle in the least. And I’d never run out of money - even if I lived to 150.

Now, I don’t tell you any of this to brag.

I’m trying to convey how much money strong copy can be worth to you.

But you don’t have to take the same path I did. You don’t have to become a Master Copywriter like me.

Heck, with Instant Scripts, you don’t even have to become a copywriter at all to drive thousands of sales with your words.

That’s because…

I Made This Shortcut For You!

I had my programmers take my entire file of successful sales copy and put it in a database.

And I had them include sales copy from other influencers that I knew was working.

And using all of these proven winners, we developed precise copy formulas. Those formulas hold the key to producing any kind of sales copy a business owner would ever need.

They took those formulas and built the push button, fill-in-the-blank software I’ve been telling you about: Instant Scripts.
How does it work?

You answer a few quick questions about your business. And the software spits out sales copy that works.

If it sounds easy, that’s because it is.

There’s no need for you to be creative. No need to spend hours in front of your computer.

And it’s powerful!

What Exactly Are You Getting Within Instant Scripts?

Well, within Instant Scripts, you'll find over 6 core components with over 7,166+ scripts including...

COMPONENT #1: Instant Sales Copy

  • 1978 Attention Grabbing Headlines: The stronger your headline, the more likely your audience will read your stuff. Here is a collection of the most powerful frameworks in all of advertising history!
  • 858 Sizzling Sentence Starters: Start with a boring sentence and you're doomed. It's hard to keep the reader's attention from there. But when you start with a strong sentence starter, you're off to a great start.
  • 304 Mouth-Watering Bullets: If your product or service can help a lot of people in a lot of ways, you'll want to use more bullets! They're a great way to add more punch to what you're offering.
  • 45 Amazing Strong Body Copy: You can have a great headline and lead, but if your body copy is weak your reader will never get to the call to action! So to make sure you keep readers on your page, here's how to write powerful body copy.
  • 62 Remarkable P.S.s: One of the most underleveraged tools in copywriting is a strong P.S. When you have a strong P.S. you can easily push people over the fence and close them into taking action. But not all P.S.s are created equal. For the most powerful examples, here are a few dozen you can choose from.

COMPONENT #2: Instant Story-Telling

  • 25 Shocking Story Starters: The good news is nothing will help you sell more than a powerful story. The bad news is not all of us are born storytellers! Luckily, you can tap into our story starters to help you craft powerful stories using proven formulas.
  • ​247 Magical Openings: Have you ever watched a movie and got sucked right into the plot? Well, that's because it had a strong opening. You can have the same effect with your sales copy – if you know how to do it right.  These openers will help you start on the right foot. 
  • ​619 Sensational Cliches: Should you use cliche in your copy or not? Absolutely! They make your copy easier to understand and more relatable in so many ways. So whenever you can use more cliches – (as long as you don't use them in a cheesy way).

COMPONENT #3: Instant Phrases

  • 15 Forbidden Embedded Commands: An embedded command plants an idea into your reader's subconscious mind without their permission! The more of these you have in your copy, the more hypnotic your writing becomes.
  • ​65 Mind-Blowing Visual Phrases: Have you ever noticed when you read good copy, you tend to see everything you read in your mind? That's because good copy typically has visual phrases built-in! To help you create that visual effect in your reader's mind, use these phrases to help.
  • ​644 Emotional Power Words: You don't need to be a good writer to write exciting copy. Sometimes all you need to do is swap out some of the more boring words and pop-in some power words and you're good to go! Your copy instantly becomes more fun, and readable.

COMPONENT #4: Instant Emails

  • 93 Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates: No one likes boring emails! Here are dozens of fun, engaging and different email templates you can follow.
  • ​220 Captivating Subject Lines: If you want any traction with your email marketing, you're going to need great subject lines. But no one said you need to write them yourself. Just pick from one of these proven subject line templates to start.
  • 148 Thought-Provoking Questions: Wanna know a crazy little secret to selling? Don't talk so much. Ask questions instead. It's the same thing in your copy. What's a better way to sell your prospects to take action? Well, it's to leave them with a question. so they come to their own conclusions and take action themselves. To help you do this, here's a long list of powerful questions you can add to your copy.

COMPONENT #5: Instant Letters

  • 864 Time-Tested Copy Connectors: There is nothing worse than bad transitions in your copy. When you have bad transitions, it's easy to get confused. And as we all know, a confused mind never buys. So to make sure everything syncs up nice, here are hundreds of transitions you can use right away.
  • ​35 Ironclad Guarantees: In this day and age, a money-back guarantee is a bare minimum. No one really cares anymore because everyone has a money-back guarantee. But what most companies don't have is other types of guarantees they can be using to get more customers. Here's a long list of them.
  • ​92 Powerful Call-To-Actions: Believe it or not, there are better ways to tell your audience to sign up than just a plain old: "Sign Up Here" button! You can explore using all types of different call to action buttons to help get better conversions.
  • ​290 Proven Testimonial Prompts: When you're collecting testimonials from your customers or clients, you never want something generic like "Tom's great". Those are terrible. Instead, you want to give your customer and clients a framework to follow so they can give you a STRONG testimonial that actually helps you build a trustworthy brand. Start by giving them any of these testimonial prompts.
  • 9 Brilliant Objection Handling Sentences: If you want to handle objections with no resistance, plug and play these proven objection handling sentences. They work in almost all industries and in all contexts.
  • 319 Compelling Sub-Headlines: If you have a very long page, one of the easiest ways to keep someone's attention is to use sub-headlines throughout your page. This way, your readers can rest their eyes throughout the page and make it all the way through before taking action. You don't need to get too creative. You can just use some of these subheadlines and your sales page will feel like new!

COMPONENT #6: Instant Templates

  • 5 Magnetic Facebook Ad Templates: Facebook is a great place to run ads. The only problem is you always need to test new copy and creatives. So to save you some time, here are a few fill-in-the-blank templates you can use - even if you have no Facebook ad writing experience.
  • 3 Riveting Blog Content Templates: When you're writing your blog posts, it's important you follow Google's on-site SEO recommendations. That means having a certain structure helps a lot. Rather than look up this structure every time, just use our content templates. It'll save you a lot of time.
  • 25 Profit-Generating Sales Letter Templates: You will never need to come up with a sales page on your own ever again. All you need to do is answer a few questions. Fill in a few blanks, and within minutes, you have some high-converting copy you can be proud of.
  • 4 Highly-Converting Landing Page Templates: We scoured the internet to find the best landing pages we can find. After reviewing dozens, we've added the best ones that will get you the most results.

And many, many more! We add new scripts and templates EVERY MONTH!

Which Of These Do You Need To Do Today?

Using Instant Scripts, you can do all of this and more:
  • Reactivate past customers and get them to open their wallets again.
  • ​Get current customers to endorse your company and send over a steady stream of red-hot referrals.
  • ​Launch a brand new product or service and get sales rolling in right now.
  • ​Book strategy sessions with red-hot coaching prospects.
  • ​Fill a webinar with cash-in-hand buyers.
  • ​Get new customers to spend 5 or 10 times more with you.

Reactivate past customers and get them to open their wallets again.

Get current customers to endorse your company and send over a steady stream of red-hot referrals.

Launch a brand new product or service and get sales rolling in right now.

Book strategy sessions with red-hot coaching prospects.

Fill a webinar with
cash-in-hand buyers.

Get new customers to spend 5 or 10 times more with you.

There’s so much Instant Scripts can do to drive your sales through the roof.

Imagine! No more slaving for hours trying to come up with headlines, or emails, or any other copy.

The software does it all for you.

Can You See How Powerful This Is?

Instant Scripts can literally change your life. It can take from where you are now, to where you want to go in the fastest time possible.

That might sound hard to believe.

But consider this…

Business is all about sales.

And successful sales copy leverages your ability to sell to thousands of people at the same. Maybe millions.

So, just because Instant Scripts is simple to use, don’t underestimate the power it has to transform your business and your life.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune.

As you’ll see in a moment, for a limited time, I’m inviting beta-testers in at an incredible price.

Before I share the deal with you, let me share…

Why You Can't Get Anything Like This ANYWHERE Else

Instant Scripts is one of a kind.

Yes, there are other tools out there that offer similar features. But those other tools only guess at what works.

That’s because none of them are based on the massive swipe file of winning sales copy I’ve collected over the decades.

So, at best, those other tools use sales messaging that worked 20 years ago.

Which is a problem since social media has forever changed what works today.
Instant Scripts is the only software that draws from my massive database of sales copy that’s really working now.

Plus, my team updates it daily!

They have to. That’s because Instant Scripts has become a tool they can’t live without.

More importantly, it virtually guarantees the success of any project. 

All my people need to do to write killer sales copy is to follow 3 simple steps:
Instant Scripts does the rest. It spits out winning sales copy in seconds flat.

That’s why you don’t have to be a writer. The software does the writing.

And you can see why you don’t have to be a salesperson either. The templates in the software provide the sales structure that’s proven to work.

Want an amazing headline for an ad? Fire up the software and let it do the work for you.

Need a webinar landing page? You guessed it, Instant Scripts can help.

Sales Took Off Like A Rocket!

I no longer had to write all the copy myself.

Thanks to kick-butt copy, we’ve been able to accomplish a ton…

My Instagram page has 1.6 million+ followers. My Facebook page has 1.8 million+ fans. My YouTube channel has 2.5 million+ subscribers.

And we’re only 1 of the companies that have managed to win the ClickFunnel’s Two Comma Club X Award. The Two Comma X Award goes to companies who manage to sell $10 million or more through a single sales funnel.
Now, I’d like to empower as many business owners.

Which is why I’d like to make you this compelling offer…

Soon, I’ll charge a minimum of $59.95 a month for Instant Scripts.

And it will be a bargain at that. Especially when you consider that a single sales letter could make you millions!

So it never gets overused or stale.

You can bank on the copy that comes out to work.

And frankly, that’s priceless.

That said, I’m not going to ask you to pay a fortune.

I’m not even going to ask you to pay the $59.95 that users will soon pay for a single month. Or anything near it.

You see…

I'm Looking For 500 Beta-Testers
Who Want To Get An Amazing Deal

Listen, I know Instant Scripts works.

My guys use it every single day to make millions in sales.

But I’m always careful when rolling software out to the public.

I don’t want tens of thousands of users to pile in at once and risk breaking the software.

That’s why I’m opening Instant Scripts up today for just $29.95 a month.

That’s less than $1 a day!

While others will pay nearly $60 a month or more…

In return, you’ll be able to create unlimited sales copy on demand. Which could grow your business by tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Compare that to what it would cost you to hire a professional copywriter. Professional copywriters charge $200 or more for just a single email.

And $10,000 or more for a sales page. And most want commissions on top of that!

Yet, for a fraction of that price, you can have Instant Scripts generate all the copy you’d ever need.

That’s an incredible deal.

What Are Others Already
Saying About Instant Scripts?

"The Most Useful Software A Copywriter Can Use!"
And allow me to sweeten the pot a little?

Please accept the following bonuses when you invest in Instant Scripts today…

FREE Bonus #1:

how to ensure the emails you send land in the inbox

$79 Value

Social media is great. But for making maximum money, email is still the boss.

Email is a cash cow!

Of course, that’s only true if your emails land in the inbox.

Emails that land in the ‘promotions’ tab – or worse, the spam folder – don’t make you any money.

No matter how well they’re written.

The good news is that there are some tricks you can use to check in advance whether your emails will arrive in the inbox safely.

And some quick changes you can make if not.

I share everything I know about email deliverability inside this FREE bonus training.

FREE Bonus #2:

how to scale your marketing campaigns super fast

$99 Value

If you want to scale to hundreds or thousands of customers, fast, think Average Order Value.

If you’re not familiar with the term, here’s what it means…

You take your total sales for a given time period and divide it by the number of new customers.

The results is your Average Order Value (AOV).

Here’s why AOV is so important…

The higher your AOV, the more you can spend to acquire a customer and still make a profit.

And the more you can spend to acquire a customer, the further you can spread your advertising.

When your competitors have to stop advertising because they’re losing money, you keep expanding.

This is exactly how some companies seem to get huge out of nowhere.

You’ll get immediate access to this guide when you grab Instant Scripts today.

FREE Bonus #3:

how to save lost sales

$79 Value

It used to be that prospects would visit your website, bounce, and never return.

And there wasn’t much you could do about it.

These days, though, you can use Facebook Retargeting to get them back to your website, and turn them into customers.

The thing is…

Almost nobody does this right.

In this FREE bonus training, I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at how to set your retargeting up properly.

When you do it right, you’ll save a ton of sales for mere pennies each.

FREE Bonus #4:

Simple Cart Tweaks
To Double Your Sales

$99 Value

So many marketers focus on the conversion of their sales pages.

But it’s not unusual to have 95% of the prospects who visit your cart page bounce.

It might surprise you at first, but if you get that cart abandonment down to 90%, that will double your sales!

And lowering your cart abandonment rate is easy when you know how.

Prospects usually bounce for 1 of 2 reasons:
  • They don't trust your website.
  • They're confused about what your offer actually is.
My team has worked tirelessly uncovering the secrets to better performing cart pages.

I share those secrets with you inside this FREE bonus training.

You’ll get immediately when you become a beta-tester of Instant Scripts today.
I also want to let you know that...

You Take zERO Risk when you become a
beta-tester of instant scripts today

When you sign up for Instant Scripts today, you’re fully covered.

You’ll have 30 days to test-drive the software. And, if you don’t love it…

If you don’t think it lives up to the promises I’ve made you…

If you don’t think it will skyrocket your sales in short order…

Heck, even if you don’t like the way the software looks…

You simply let us know and we’ll give you your $29.95 back. Every penny.

There won’t be any hard feelings either.

Yes, my staff have warned me. They think I’m crazy offering quick and easy refunds.

They worry some people will use the software for 30 days, get a ton of great sales copy, and then cancel and refund.
I’m ok with taking the risk if it helps trustworthy business owners like you.
Hurry though…

If you want to be one of the Instant Scripts beta-testers, you have to get in now. 

There are only 500 spots. And likely a minimum of 10 times that many people are reading this page right now.

It’s also a matter of time.

How long do you want to go on struggling to create the words that sell your products or services when you don’t have to?

How long do you want to suffer with less than stellar results?

How long do you want to put off the life you could be living?

You should get Instant Scripts now because it will help you smash every business goal you have sooner, rather than later.

So, click the button below to reserve your spot…

what to do now

Ok, I’ve given you an incredible opportunity here.

You’re getting Instant Scripts for less than half of what people in the future will pay for a single month’s access.

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision.

On the one hand, you could close this page and walk away.

How much do you think that decision would cost you over the years?

Unless you’re one of the top copywriters in the world, you won’t be able to consistently bang out emails, social media posts, and sales letters that make you money.
Your income will pale in comparison to what it could be.

Which means your lifestyle will as well.

Or, you could make the other, smarter choice.

You could invest in Instant Scripts today and start cranking out winning sales copy immediately.

When you do, you begin making more sales right away.

As your business grows and scales, so does your confidence and lifestyle.

You travel places you always wanted to go, without even thinking about it.

You drive the car you always dreamed you’d drive.

You live anywhere in the country that fuels your soul.

Then, when you’re ready, you start giving back too.

You’ve entered your own Significance stage.

It didn’t take you years to become a copywriting master, either.

It’s all because you used a proven tool to write your sales copy for you.

I think you’ll see that investing in Instant Scripts today is the better choice.

Click the button below to get started now before the discounted beta-tester spots are gone.

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